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How To Install The Scout Twilio Lookup Addon

What is the Twilio Phone Number Lookup API?

The Twilio Lookup API is an API provided by Twilio that can provide information about a telephone number. For instance, given a character string it can determine if it’s actually a valid telephone number. It can be used in conjuction with other Twilio services or it can be used completely independently.

What is a Twilio Lookup AddOn?

Twilio Lookup AddOns are 3rd party APIs that can be “installed” to enhance your Twilio Account’s Phone Number Lookup capabilities. For instance, an AddOn might append the Caller ID name to the data returned by a phone number lookup query. Every call or SMS within Twilio has the capability to include this metadata so that more intelligent decisions can be made programatically.

How do I install the Scout Phone Number Information Addon?

Assuming you’ve already got a Twilio account, simply go to the Scout Marketplace App and click “Install”. After agreeing to the terms you’ll be directed to the console where you’ll see various configuration options. These options determine when to use the Scout Addon as described in this documentation. For instance, if you would like the Scout data included with every incoming voice call then be sure to check “Incoming Voice Call”.