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Robocall Detection, Carrier, and Geographic Info API

Elevate Your Call Intelligence with Scout

Gain unparalleled insights into your callers with Scout’s comprehensive Phone Number Insight API. Revolutionize your communication strategy by harnessing the power of data-driven decisions.

Features at Your Fingertips

Robocall Detection

Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions. Scout’s cutting-edge technology proactively shields you from robocalls by tapping into a wealth of real-time data and recognized patterns. Stay ahead of nuisances with our continuously updated protection.

Geographic Info

Unlock the full context of every call. Scout connects the dots, linking each North American phone number to specific details like city, state, latitude/longitude, time zone, and more, delivering a complete caller profile.

Number Portability

Maintain the integrity of your communication. Scout empowers you to track number portability and accurately identify the current operating company with ease, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Operating Company

Determine the Company Name and Type for all North American numbers, even if the number has been ported to a new carrier.

Enhance Your Communication Strategy

Outbound Call Center Reputation Management

Ensure the reputation of your outbound call center’s phone numbers remains impeccable by regularly checking and maintaining their quality.

Quality Assurance for Phone Number Purchases

Before acquiring phone numbers in bulk, use Scout’s API to assess their quality, ensuring they meet your communication needs and objectives.

Call Center Optimization

Optimize call routing based on geographic information, carrier data, and risk level, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Robocall Prevention

Proactively identify and block robocalls, reducing interruptions and enhancing the customer experience.

Enhanced Caller Profiles

Create comprehensive caller profiles with geographic details for personalized interactions.

Fraud Prevention

Strengthen fraud prevention efforts by verifying user inputs and enhancing CRM data, crucial in security-focused industries.

Communication Analytics

Gain insights into the origins of phone traffic, refining engagement strategies for more effective campaigns.

VoIP and Telecom Services

Enrich your offerings with accurate caller information, improving services and user experience.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Comply with regional and industry-specific requirements by verifying caller location and details.

Transform Your Call Management with Scout

Why Scout?

In the modern age where mobile, VOIP, and traditional networks converge, Scout stands out by providing authoritative data and advanced, adaptive algorithms. These tools help preempt issues, ensuring that your communication remains top-notch in a dynamic telecommunications landscape.

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