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Robocall Detection, Carrier, and Geographic Info API

Phone Number Insight API

What is Scout?

Scout is an easy to use API that makes it easy to gather useful information about US and Canadian Phone Numbers.

What data is available through the Scout API?

Robocall Detection

Today’s robocallers are smarter than ever. Scout does not rely on crowd sourcing or government lists, but rather uses live network data and an advanced algorithms to detect robocalls before they’re a major problem. Many competing systems are purely reactive, meaning robocalls are not flagged until they’ve already wreaked havoc. Scout is proactive. Our unique scoring system enables users to filter suspect numbers even before they’ve been reported.

Geographic Info

Obtain carrier data that connects each North American phone number to a City, State, LATA, Time Zone, and more.

Number Portability

Determine if the number has been ported and if so, find its LRN.

Operating Company

Determine the Company Name and Type for all North American numbers, even if the number has been ported to a new carrier.

What is Scout useful for?

Why Scout?

Modern Phones Still Use The Legacy Phone System

Even in today’s world of mobile, VoIP, and burner phones, in order to connect to the telephone network, every phone number must be associated with an actual, physical switch.

Dependable Authoritative Data

Scout sources government and other authoritative data, as opposed to commercial and crowd-sourced data, to provide reliable intelligence on each request. As a result, all valid numbers should return a minimum of country, state, and city info.

Advanced Algoritms and Machine Learning

Scout uses real-time data from carrier partners as well as advanced heuristics to determine the risk level of a phone number even before it starts robodialling.

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